Our proven experience in the ERP systems market shows that to achieve the full advantage of software capabilities, it is absolutely necessary for end users to develop the best of their knowledge and skills on its use.

The methodological approach of DGSOFT to user education accelerates the learning process, minimizes the knowledge gaps and ensures that users obtain all the necessary information to do their jobs more effectively in a short time.


Our competent staff are highly qualified and trained and are able to design special education programs that address the real needs of your business. With training courses that can be taken at your premises or in DGSOFT’s seminars room, distance education (distance learning), e-learning systems, train-the-trainer services, methodological evaluation of educational processes and learner performance and free online training, your company has at its disposal breadth of options to ensure the return of the overall investment !

Training services include:

– Education in room
– Distance learning
– E-learning courses
– Soft1 Knowledge Base
– Manual Documentation
– Technical documentation