Soft1 Supply Chain Management

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SOFT1 Supply Chain Management

Soft1 ERP has rich functionality for the effective management of procedures that serve the supply chain of your business. It allows full supervision of stocks and uses all available information and financial data as they are transformed from offering to collections.

Regardless of the size of your business, Soft1 provides the flexibility you need to adapt quickly and economically to market changes, taking advantage of new opportunities and improve the quality of your customer service.

The Soft1 software fully supports the management and distribution of goods, the inventory process and finished goods from the source to the final point of consumption. Simplify your purchasing and receiving processes, predict future requirements of your customers and improve your product delivery time.


– Stock management
– Purchases and Ordering
– Service Purchases
– Pricing Policies
– Management of credit policies and controls
– Control of discount credit notes under agreement scenarios
– Monitoring of Buyers
– Approval and Project Management
– Project management
– Inventory Costing
– Management and costing of import file


– Integrated management of purchases and logistics
– Automation of orders and demand planning
– Reduced operating costs
– Minimization of work runtime
– Improvement of inventory management
– Effective demand forecasts
– Better customer service