Soft1 QuickView

Soft1 QuickView

soft1 QuickView

The Soft1 Quick-View mobile application allows direct viewing of the financial picture of a company.

The figures presented in the application are the following:

Revenue: Gross Profit, Sales, Cost of Sales, Revenue from Services, Other Income, Earnings on Asset Sales

Expenses: Purchases, Services, Payroll, Other expenses (excluding payroll), Depreciation of fixed assets, Losses on Asset Sales

Requirements: Customer Balances, Debtors Balances, Receivable Securities

Liabilities: Suppliers Balances, Balances of Creditors Payable Securities, Credits medium term, long term loans

Funds: Cash, Credit Cards, Savings Accounts Checking, Savings Accounts Fixed, Deposit term Guarantee Accounts, Accounts of Invoice Assignments.

The application currently works on Android and iOS, and will soon be available on other platforms.