Soft1 MyCustomer

soft1 mycustomer

Soft1 MyCustomer

The Soft1 Open Enterprise version supports all modern “open companies” with innovative technologies and a range of web & mobile applications. Soft1 MyCustomer application upgrades and expands its business dealings with their customers, strengthens the working relationship and helps to reduce operating costs and reduce the time to perform daily tasks.

Businesses using Soft1 Open Enterprise software are able now – with “myCustomer” service – to offer significant new capabilities to their customers, such as:

  • Update by e-mail every time a document is issued
  • Access to a special portal through which they are able to:
    • view all documents issued
    • monitor the status of their orders
    • be informed about their financial tab
    • view statistics of their purchases
    • have access to price lists

With the new possibilities offered by “myCustomer” service, each company has the opportunity to strengthen relationships with its customers as well as to automate and expand daily transactions with them, while reducing operating costs and enhancing the corporate image.