Soft1 Financial Management

Soft1 Financial Management

SOFT1 Financial Management The Soft1 software meets fully all the Financial Management requirements of every modern enterprise. In full integration with the other business functions of an enterprise such as production, order management, distribution of products, etc. satisfies, with easy and very simple way, even the most complex requirements of modern businesses.

The Financial Management module captures directly and reliably the financial situation in liabilities and assets of the organization and offers up-to-date access to inventory levels and sales forecasts. Thus, directly and in real-time, executives of a company have access to all financial data that allow and facilitate timely and informed decision-making.

The Financial Management module, includes a number of integrated tools to manage all aspects of the accounting operations, budget management, transactions in various currencies, recognition and revenue management, allocation of accounts, tax accounting requirements, financial reporting and compliance management. Moreover, it supports fully the controllability and traceability for each transaction.


– General Accounting
– Analytic logistics
– Revenue / Expenses
– Activity Based Costing (ABC)
– Financial Management
– Accounts Receivable Management
– Accounts Payable Management
– Asset Management
– Reporting


– Integrated financial picture
– Information and analysis of data in real time
– Reduce operating costs
– More accurate and timely management decisions
– Improve operational efficiency and responsiveness
– Coverage of the needs at the local and international level