The award-winning Soft1-ERP is not an ordinary enterprise resource management system. It is a modern business software of “open architecture” that adapts perfectly to the needs and requirements of each company/organization. With advanced technologies and functions for each business sector, Softone ERP offers a set of solutions with significant benefits and advantages.


Soft1 ERP comprehensively covers the organizational and functional requirements of a company and provides the necessary information that increases the strategic insight and productivity, and contributes substantially to the growth and development of operational objectives.

The special design of Soft1 ERP and the extremely simple and uniform interface features make it easy for ordinary users to work and exploit its functions.

The excellent functional integration of Soft1 ERP creates competitive advantages and opens new opportunities for any business.

Acquire a modern computerized system with substantial benefits and features such as reduced operating costs, automated processes, efficient collaboration, increase of productivity and real-time information.