Soft1 ERP

Maximize your business flexibility without restrictions in functionality


SOFT1 ERPThe award-winning Soft1 ERP is much more than an ordinary enterprise resource management system. It is a modern business software of “open architecture” that combines the experience of 30 years with more than 14.000 successful implementations with the latest technological innovations. With Soft1 ERP the actual business results come first from helping your business succeed to optimize the operation of its business processes, to move faster and to boost its overall competitiveness.

The Soft1 ERP is designed with the necessary simplicity and flexibility to effectively meet the specific needs of your business. It is a unique and fully customizable system that offers simplified procedures, strategic insight and productivity while contributing significantly to the growth and development of operational objectives. The Soft1 ERP fully satisfies the growing need of companies’ business mobility utilizing a powerful set of Web & Mobile applications. These applications allow the safe and reliable access to your enterprise data from anywhere using mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.). The Soft1 ERP is available for operation in both on the cloud, and in on-premise installations.

You can choose to purchase a software license (user licenses) or to start using the software with an annual subscription (ASK model) which includes new versions. Get total control of your business from a single system that will improve the overall performance of your business.


– “One-for-all” system
– Rich functionality, modern technology
– Innovative running in the cloud
– Mobility Solutions
– Alternative distribution models
– Easy implementation
– Greater Scalability


– Low TCO (total cost of ownership)
– Safe and reliable access to data of the enterprise, from anywhere
– Flexibility in adapting procedures
– Full interconnection with other applications
– Automation of cooperation procedures
– Increase productivity and efficiency
– Speed business functions
– Strong strategic vision