Soft1 CRM (Customer Relations Management)

soft1 crm

SOFT1 CRMThe modern company faces growing competition in markets that are changing faster than ever. Effective management of customer relationships is now at the center of every business’ operation.

Soft1 CRM software enables efficient organization of business functions with full automation of the sales processes and customer support. The executives of a company have at their disposal in real time, wherever they are, all the information needed for daily operations and contacts with customers.

With Soft1 CRM the executives and staff of a company can immediately and easily take advantage of all sales and ordering information in order to initiate actions to solve cases, to satisfy customer requests, manage sales opportunities and carry out work relating to orders and receipts.



– Contact / Account Manager
– Sales Actions
– Manage sales opportunities / leads
– Offers and orders
– Manage vendors / payees
– Promotions
– Customer Support Form


– Increase productivity and staff efficiency
– Reduce operating costs
– Improve sales process
– Reinforcing quality service
– Increase customer satisfaction
– Increase new sales opportunities
– Accelerate good decision making