Soft1 200

soft1 200

SOFT1 200

Soft1 200 is a comprehensive software application that ideally supports the complex needs of accountants and accounting firms.

It is an accounting management solution that delivers time and money saving functionality, assisting accountants to streamline operations, reduce processing time (per client) and improve over-all efficiency.

Both functionally powerful, yet easy to use, Softone 200 features a friendly UI with special keyboard shortcuts that help you perform daily tasks with the push of a button. It generates immediate value through extensive automation, eliminating manual work and simplifying complex accounting processes. By providing you with the ability to submit forms and files online and to utilize advanced reporting and dashboards, it completely reforms your daily operations, making accounting processes easy like never before.

With instant access to specialized tax consulting sites and online support, the Softone 200 series enables accounting firms to offer better customer services at lower cost.