Retail Studio by iQom

Retail Studio

SoftOne presents Retail Studio by iQom, an advanced business solution that fully covers the needs of every retail business. It can be easily utilized by any company, despite its size, including individual stores, big retail chains, franchise as well as stores operating under a mixed business model.


Featuring a user-friendly interface, Retail Studio provides your company with the necessary functionality to optimize business processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Its embedded modules ensure real-time visibility across your entire retail operation. It serves ideally all information needs related to store performance, cost and inventory controlling.

The application can be easily deployed as it is compatible with any kind of hardware available on the retail market, utilizing as well any existing equipment. It supports in the best way the growing demand for business process automation, allowing your company to enhance its workforce productivity from day one.

The solution includes comprehensive applications for handling effectively devices such as PDAs, price verifiers and weighing scale. Also, you can manage your specific retail needs, like offers, promotions and Loyalty Schemes with ease. Featuring CRM and BI tools, it satisfies the requirements for instant access to customer insights.

Retail Studio integrates easily with Soft1 ERP, assisting every retail business to improve its sales performance.



  • Easy Integration with Soft1 ERP
  • Support of Peripheral Devices
  • Exploitation of existing equipment
  • Support of all available payment methods
  • Unified credit card handling
  • Automated price updates
  • Transactions video recording
  • Analytical reporting for cash desks performance
  • Online, off line or mixed operational model
  • Real-time data transfer across retail chains
  • Loyalty Schemes


  • Reliable cash desk operation
  • Real-time access to sales performance data
  • Complete transactions control
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy receipt issuance
  • Increased productivity
  • Transactions errors prevention