DGSOFT Quality


Our commitment is to provide our customers with exemplary service of high quality, with professionalism, prompt delivery and excellent communication. 
service quality

  • We have 38 SoftOne Certifications in 10 sections.
  • Our internal processes are certified according to ISO Standard: 9001.
  • We assure excellent day-to-day contact with our customers.
  • We provide excellent technical support (telephone, remote and on-site).
  • We always make sure that our customers are well informed and have the opportunity to comment on anything and give us feedback. We constantly inform them about the progress of their project.
  • We always make every effort to achieve the best results and to add value to our customers’ business.
  • We respect any confidential – business or private – information provided to us.
  • We improve and constantly modernize our methodologies. Under continuous evaluation and improvement efforts on quality we assure the utmost reliability of our services.