Soft1 Production Management

production management

SOFT1 Production Management The Soft1 ERP provides the production companies with all the necessary functionality of an accurate production model that will successfully meet the rapidly changing demands of their customers and integrate relationships with suppliers and cooperation with other IT systems.

The Soft1 Production Management module accurately responds to all the main production processes. Allows the detailed planning of supplies based on actual customer demand as well as the full modeling of relations with suppliers, factories, warehouses, the employees and the operational cost centers.

The Soft1 Production Management module works with other business functions such as Financial Management and Supply Chain Management. Fully supported by a robust reporting system which includes all necessary financial reports, reports on consumption of raw materials based on production orders, sales orders, as well as more complex reports on the origin of costs per unit and per production stage.


– Production Technical Specifications
– Production Orders
– Consumption & Production Sheets
– Work Sheets
– Production Documents
– Accounting Production Costing
– Monitoring of Co-Production and By-Products
– Full jobbing monitoring process (subcontracting)
– Production in progress Monitoring
– Follow semi-products and production phases


– Increase the efficiency of operations
– Elimination of unnecessary down time
– Reduce operating costs
– Strengthening of industrial production and performance
– Improving the supply chain
– More efficient management of materials and stocks
– Quick response to market changes