ERP deployment: Now or later?

ERP deployment: Now or later?

The sooner you make the decision, the more successful an ERP / CRM deployment will be. Read more to be convinced that the time has come to take the next step.

  1. Cost vs. benefits

The cost of a deployment is not strictly financial. It is also measured in time, stress and valuable resources. Nevertheless, the benefits are far more significant than the disadvantages. In particular, deploying a new technology can help you increase your revenue, reduce your expenses, improve effectiveness and render your employees even more productive. After all, you need to consider whether waiting -in order to improve or fulfil all these factors just described- will be to your business benefit. In most cases, the answer is simply “no”. 

  1. The right IT and ERP strategy

Given the number of ERP / CRM solutions in the market, quite often businesses get blindsided by the available options and cannot narrow it down to one solution. But, it doesn’t need to come to that. Start by determining your goals and making a roadmap regarding the technology options that better suit these goals. Then, examine specific solutions, such as SaaS vs On-premise, and once you have managed to focus on what you actually need, the final decision will become clearer.

  1. A new solution or an upgrade?

You may decide that it is not the right time to deploy a new ERP / CRM system for your entire business. Perhaps, an upgrade of the existing system can bring the desired results at a lower cost. Then, again, a simple upgrade can cover up the problems, for a short period of time, and ultimately prove to be more expensive. Consider your alternatives and carefully weigh the pros each option has to offer, before making a decision.

  1. Realism or simple fear of change?

Often, lack of action is not due to realistic reasons, but to resistance to any change that brings a new perspective. Actually, this denial can acquire big dimensions and create significant problems. You should get prepared for this possibility, by identifying the source of resistance and coming up with specific measures to deal with it. Usually, discussing on a particular basis, with tangible proof for the value of the new system’s deployment and the benefits it will bring, has guaranteed results.

Softone Romania – Annual Partners Meeting 17 Nov 2016

Softone Romania – Annual Partners Meeting 17 Nov 2016

Our company participated as speakers in Softone Romania Annual Partners Meeting in Bucharest. We presented to the audience our CCM/CTI (Contact Center Manager) software solution which will start being distributed to the Romanian market. CCM solution was embraced by the audience and the feedback was very positive. All Softone Romania partners will include CCM in their products portfolio and they are really happy that they will provide their customers with such a powerful solution that will cover all their needs reagrding their day-to-day communication and customer service. The CCM system (Contact Center Manager) CTI is a powerful software platform that enables automated management of incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

How much technology can a business handle?

How much technology can a business handle?

Information Technology – Problem solvers, jugglers, visionaries: these are some of the characteristics that can be attributed to IT (Information Technology) executives in today’s highly competitive environment, who are called to contribute their knowledge and expertise in a number of ways and in a series of different areas that often extend beyond their standard role.

This is especially true in Greece, where in many cases the active involvement of IT experts in the development of a business can be considered as mere science fiction! Quite often, IT experts are thought of as nothing more than technical support personnel and almost always their job description is vague and obscure, at best.

But the market itself is now forcing businesses and CIOs to give IT experts a clear role with distinct responsibilities. In the modern digital reality, it is imperative for businesses to have qualified executives with a distinct role that can easily and promptly respond to all technological needs and, at the same time, contribute to the formulation of a comprehensive business strategy.

This composite role, that actually results from distinguishing the technical aspect from the business one, may appear as a causality dilemma, similar to the long-standing (and yet not answered) riddle of the chicken and the egg. But this is not the case. Based on a recent survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 57% of business owners and highest ranking executives believe that IT is an investment of crucial importance that leads to innovations and business development! Can there be a stronger vote of confidence?

In short, modern IT executives must act as prudent house owners, i.e. get their affairs in order by documenting and determining technological needs, be insightful by foreseeing technology trends, handle budget in a wise manner by finding ways to eliminate unnecessary and costly management processes and focus on increasing revenue by determining new methods of strengthening and developing the business strategy. At the same time, IT executives must be expeditious, flexible, highly cooperative, open to new ideas and suggestions no matter where these come from, and willing to get directly involved with any and all business projects, even if these are not clearly – or even at all – related to technology. Besides, technology is the means, not the message…

Mobile Excellence for SoftOne

Mobile Excellence for SoftOne

SoftOne Technologies has received an excellence award at Cyta Mobile Excellence Award 2016. The event was organized by BOUSSIAS Communications and the E-Business Research Center of Athens University of Economics and Business (ELTRUN).

At the ceremony, SoftOne was presented with the only prize in the Mobile Integration with ERP systems category for its mobile solution Soft1 360.

Soft1 360

Soft1 360 is an innovative enterprise mobility application that enables today businesses to operate from practically anywhere, with no time or geographical restrictions.

Fully integrated with the central ERP system, Soft1 360 extends Soft1 ERP’s “reach”. It allows the company’s executives to seamlessly utilize its functionality from anywhere, using any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone). It is easily configured for each business role or position in the company. Soft1 360 helps your people perform their daily tasks while on-the-go, automatically keeping audit trails of all their interactions.

Softone-Microsoft | SoftOne joins Microsoft CSP Program

Softone-Microsoft | SoftOne joins Microsoft CSP Program

Softone-Microsoft | SoftOne Technologies, a Gold Microsoft Partner and leading Cloud ERP vendor in Greece, has recently announced its participation in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

Having invested in the Windows Azure platform since its introduction, SoftOne is taking its partnership with Microsoft to the next level as it is being authorized to sell Microsoft products and services such as “Office 365” -via the Microsoft CSP Program- in the South Eastern European market.

This latest appointment follows SoftOne’s Microsoft Partner Award presented in the “Sell out of comfort zone” category during 1st Microsoft Summit 2015, and further expands the company’s strategic partnership with one of the biggest public cloud providers in the world.

We are delighted to have been chosen by Microsoft for this exclusive program” said Mr. Antonis Karantonis, COO of SoftOne Technologies. “Being among the early adopters of cloud computing worldwide and the leader in the Greek cloud ERP market, SoftOne constantly invests on cloud infrastructure, technologies, services and highly-skilled personnel. Joining the Microsoft CSP program and fully integrating Office 365 into our current cloud offerings, allows us to build stronger relationships with our customers and deliver them a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions to enhance their business.

Soft1 ERP Softone – CRM – Cloud Solution

Soft1 ERP Softone – CRM – Cloud Solution

Soft1 ERP Softone – CRM – Cloud Solution

Soft1  ERP Softone / What is Soft1 ? ‪#‎ERP‬ ? ‪#‎CRM‬ ? ‪#‎Cloud‬ solution ? ‪#‎Business‬ software or ‪#‎Platform‬ ? Discover the answer  in the following video !


SoftOne Technologies is a dynamic Greek business software vendor founded in 2002, focusing strategically in the development of ERP/CRM, innovative Cloud Services (Cloud ERP, Cloud CRM) and Enterprise Mobility solutions.

DGSOFT (official and certified partner of SoftOne) is a dynamically expanding company with a strong presence in Greece and Cyprus since 2006. It is active in supplying innovative information technology services, software solutions, cloud computing business software applications and products (ERP – CRM ). The management and staff of the company consists of IT market experienced professionals, so that the services provided to meet the needs of its most demanding customers.

Cloud ERP generates Revenue

Cloud ERP generates Revenue

Cloud ERP generates revenue!

Cloud ERP – This is something we all knew, but now we have the facts to prove it: A new survey by Exact and Pb7 Research indicates that small and medium businesses using cloud-based software to support their basic business operations, have more revenues than the rest.

In particular, the survey revealed that 51% of small businesses in the USA is using some sort of cloud software, while 29% is using three or more packages. Actually, thegrowth rate of the businesses that participated in the survey and have “embraced” cloud-computing is 25% higher, and their profits have doubled. Another interesting finding is that, even though the transition to an entirely new platform is initially stressful, the primary reason that small businesses decide to take this step is that cloud providers guarantee backup, security and hosting for their data.

Another major factor for choosing cloud-based solutions is obviously the lower IT cost, reduced maintenance expenses and access to business applications through mobile devices, at any time and from any place. Furthermore, those businesses that decided to use cloud software stated that some of the most important benefits they enjoyed were ease of use, the ability to search for and share information, and increased productivity. The small construction companies that participated in the survey presented a 19% growth in 2014, which is expected to reach 21% in 2015.

So, the facts of this survey indicate that low IT cost, security and productivity and effectiveness improvement for the end-users are the three primary reasons driving small businesses to choose online business software solutions. Nevertheless, only 26% of the businesses that have chosen a range of cloud offerings and appear to be more profitable desires to possess the latest technology, including cloud-based software and other innovative solutions. This is not something to ignore, since it shows that there is always some level of resistance that forward-looking business executives should try to mitigate.

Even small and medium businesses that have increased their profits thanks to the cloud technology should not feel re-assured. According to the survey by Exact and Pb7 Research, if they want to remain competitive, businesses of this size must focus on those methods that will help them modernize their IT systems. In this way, they will find themselves in an even more powerful position that will enable them to enjoy the “fruits” of financial recovery.

Cloud-based business software offers small businesses automation features that, up until recently, were exclusively available to the big players. Furthermore, cloud technology allows users to have a comprehensive view of up-to-date business information, such as stock rates, overall status, materials and products pricing (especially in constructions), inventory status for more accurate management and understanding of the current needs, and finally timely order deliveries.

After all, thanks to the cloud, you can integrate and automate all basic business systems, such as CRM, finances and production.



SOFTONE-INFORM P. LYKOS joining forces – SoftOne Technologies and INFORM P. LYKOS have recently announced a strategic partnership to introduce advanced document processing automation solutions in the Greek market.

This joint effort brings together two leading Greek companies, enabling them to better address technology synergies and deliver comprehensive cloud services, including e-invoicing, e-archiving, cloud printing, cloud storage and one-to-one marketing solutions.

By combining the high expertise of INFORM P. LYKOS in data management with SoftOne’s innovative Cloud Services, SoftOne and INFORM P. LYKOS empower today businesses to fully automate -both electronic and paper-based- document processing, and experience significant savings on processing costs.

SoftOne and INFORM P. LYKOS share a commitment to consistently deliver top-quality business solutions of the highest standards. This partnership comes despite the challenging economic environment, helping Greek companies easily adopt innovative and cost effective invoice processing solutions.

DGSOFT Cyprus – DGSOFT Group new company in Nicosia

DGSOFT Cyprus – DGSOFT Group new company in Nicosia

DGSOFT Cyprus – We are pleased to announce the establishment of the new company of DGSOFT Group in Cyprus. With new (State-of-Art) offices in the center of Nicosia, our new company DGSOFT Cyprus – like DGSOFT Athens – markets business software solutions.

We are official and certified partners SoftOne which is the leading Greek company developing and marketing business software. In the company’s human resources are employed some of the most experienced and qualified members of the IT market in Greece and Cyprus.

Priority and pursuit of SoftOne is constantly evolving its Soft1 products, so they are always modern and stand for innovation, integrity and effectiveness. The main and overarching objective of DGSOFT is to offer complete solutions for the business automation to suit every functional requirement as well as to create competitive advantage and contribute to the development of businesses in the modern and complex business environment.

SoftOne was founded in 2002 and successfully operates in Greece and in selected international markets, having an active customer database of more than 14,000 companies. The establishment of the subsidiary in Romania is the most recent expansion activity of the company.

The company develops the Soft1 ERP business software available in a number of different business combinations and alternative operating models (user-license model, subscription ASK model, cloud SaaS). The Soft1 ERP is one of the most modern business solutions and has strong advantages over other competing products in relation to the structuring of its architecture, functionality and technology. It allows integration into a single platform of functions such as Financial Management, Commercial Management, Supply Chain Management, Production, CRM and Customer Service.

Feel free to visit us in our new offices to meet each other in person and to discuss how we can help you in growing your business.