MELO Digital Assistants

Lead you to Success

Meet the four digital assistants of your organization or business who will lead you to your next digital success. A unique tools collection from e learning services to evaluation and communication modules based on cutting edge technologies for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Learning Booster

Tools for digital education and development of the human capital. Support of all forms of digital education such as synchronous, asynchronous & combined with presence in real classrooms.

Knowledge evaluation, e-testing and e-certification procedures. Support for collaborations & social learning.

Communication Router

Digital communication & information tools for automating and controlling communication within a multi-role digital ecosystem.

Quality Auditor

Tools for measuring and mapping operational hazards and assessing quality within a digital ecosystem with multiple roles. Tools for the distribution, collection and editing of e-surveys.

Sales Manager

A great collection of tools for presentations, sales and distribution of any kind of education service for both asynchronous and synchronous.