MELO® E-Learning Platform

Multi-Awarded e-Learning ToolBox

Meet our distinguished and awarded software platform which entirely alters the roles and value of all business & organization’s e-learning systems.

MELO® Platform consists of top software tools which support any business or organization’s current digital transformation. It offers unique tools for distributing or selling education services, eLearning services and communication services among various users of the ecosystem. It also supports the carrying out of satisfaction research and reports as well as the quality control of the following processes.

Structurally based on the newest Microsoft technologies, it complies with all international eLearning standards (SCORM, AICC, TinCan). MELO® Platform is the basis of all eLearning processes made by any business or organization offering great user –experiences to anyone involved.

MELO®  platform can be easily adopted by any organization or business, covering the following needs:

Asynchronous e- learning
(education, evaluation, collaboration)

Live lesson in virtual classes


1 to 1 learning sessions

Learning on demand

Web Educational TV (streaming media)

Distance presentations & collaborations

Live support from distance

E- evaluation & certifications

Quality control of the whole process