ERP deployment: Now or later?

ERP deployment: Now or later?

ERP deployment: Now or later?

The sooner you make the decision, the more successful an ERP / CRM deployment will be. Read more to be convinced that the time has come to take the next step.

  1. Cost vs. benefits

The cost of a deployment is not strictly financial. It is also measured in time, stress and valuable resources. Nevertheless, the benefits are far more significant than the disadvantages. In particular, deploying a new technology can help you increase your revenue, reduce your expenses, improve effectiveness and render your employees even more productive. After all, you need to consider whether waiting -in order to improve or fulfil all these factors just described- will be to your business benefit. In most cases, the answer is simply “no”. 

  1. The right IT and ERP strategy

Given the number of ERP / CRM solutions in the market, quite often businesses get blindsided by the available options and cannot narrow it down to one solution. But, it doesn’t need to come to that. Start by determining your goals and making a roadmap regarding the technology options that better suit these goals. Then, examine specific solutions, such as SaaS vs On-premise, and once you have managed to focus on what you actually need, the final decision will become clearer.

  1. A new solution or an upgrade?

You may decide that it is not the right time to deploy a new ERP / CRM system for your entire business. Perhaps, an upgrade of the existing system can bring the desired results at a lower cost. Then, again, a simple upgrade can cover up the problems, for a short period of time, and ultimately prove to be more expensive. Consider your alternatives and carefully weigh the pros each option has to offer, before making a decision.

  1. Realism or simple fear of change?

Often, lack of action is not due to realistic reasons, but to resistance to any change that brings a new perspective. Actually, this denial can acquire big dimensions and create significant problems. You should get prepared for this possibility, by identifying the source of resistance and coming up with specific measures to deal with it. Usually, discussing on a particular basis, with tangible proof for the value of the new system’s deployment and the benefits it will bring, has guaranteed results.