Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Automated inbound and outbound call management through your ERP


CCM system (Contact Center Manager) CTI is a powerful software platform that enables automated management of incoming and outgoing telephone calls. It acts as the link between your ERP/CRM software and your call center, achieving the interconnection and co-operation between them.

CTI Computer Telephony Integration

– CCM Server
CCM/CTI Server is the main subsystem of the platform which undertakes the management of your SIP based call center through your ERP/CRM. Basic functions are: call routing, status monitoring, implementation of complex IVRs, execution and management of inbound and outbound call campaigns etc.

– Inbound Call Traffic
CCM handles and routes all incoming calls based on business rules configured by the user. 

– Outbound Call Traffic
CCM originates outgoing calls with Click To Dial buttons on ERP forms or by means of scheduled call campaigns.

– Reporting
CCM provides full reporting functionality  of all call data and user activity.

– CCM/CTI Toolbar
With the integrated Interactive Toolbar, the call management is made directly within your ERP platform, without the use of a phone device or any other device.

– Call Recording
This module provides the functionality for the recording of incoming and outgoing calls. Recording can be activated for all calls or specific calls on demand. All records are stored in separate files and are easily accessible at any time.

– Call Monitoring
The monitoring console provides the campaign manager or system supervisor with a complete picture of all calls or call campaigns in real-time. It provides information on the number of calls that have been served, the calls that are on hold, the number of users available in a given queue, etc. In addition, it provides all the information for each operator (status, time and session, complete calls, idle time, etc.) and enables the organization’s Executives to ensure maximum efficiency. The real-time monitoring module provides also information about all active calls and their status (answered, complete, busy, etc.).

Computer Telephony Integration


Computer Telephony Integration Computer Telephony Integration Computer Telephony Integration

Benefits / Advantages of CCM – CTI

  1. Deep integration with your ERP/CRM.
  2. Management and routing of incoming calls, based on business rules, executed through ERP/CRM environment.
  3. Creates, manages and executes complex campaigns of outgoing calls through ERP/CRM environment.
  4. Supports multiple dialing modes (Preview, Progressive, Predictive) depending on the needs and nature of the campaign.
  5. Ability to create automated management / call service mechanisms, without human intervention eg. call-me-back scenarios.
  6. Connectivity of ERP/CRMs with any PBX that supports SIP protocol eg. ASTERISK, AVAYA, PANASONIC, etc.
  7. Real-time information on the campaigns of incoming and outgoing calls about the number of calls that have been served, the calls that are on hold, the number of operators that are available in a given queue, etc.
  8. User activity is stored in the CCM database and reporting functionality is available for supervisors and management.
  9. Available APIs for complete control and programming of the CTI Server through the ERP/CRM environment using javascript expressions.