Soft1 CRM (Customer Relations Management)


CRMThe modern company faces growing competition in markets that are changing faster than ever. Effective management of customer relationships is now at the center of every business’ operation.

Soft1 CRM software enables efficient organization of business functions with full automation of the sales processes and customer support. The executives of a company have at their disposal in real time, wherever they are, all the information needed for daily operations and contacts with customers.

With Soft1 CRM the executives and staff of a company can immediately and easily take advantage of all sales and ordering information in order to initiate actions to solve cases, to satisfy customer requests, manage sales opportunities and carry out work relating to orders and receipts.



– Contact / Account Manager
– Sales Actions
– Manage sales opportunities / leads
– Offers and orders
– Manage vendors / payees
– Promotions
– Customer Support Form


– Increase productivity and staff efficiency
– Reduce operating costs
– Improve sales process
– Reinforcing quality service
– Increase customer satisfaction
– Increase new sales opportunities
– Accelerate good decision making


Soft1 Cloud ERP

The integrated business solution, on the best cloud infrastructure!


The Soft1 Cloud ERP is the most complete business software solution for operation with cloud-computing! Any business can now obtain an integrated computerized system on the cutting technology edge without compromising on reliability and operational safety. The Soft1 Cloud ERP enables you to obtain a modern computerized model that creates competitive advantages and gives considerable benefits to your business.


– Low initial investment
– Incremental payments («pay as you go»)
– Access to data from anywhere
– Reduced overall investment costs (total cost of ownership)
– Exploitation of modern technologies without additional investment


– Increased productivity
– Reducing operating costs
– Concentration on core business activities
– Efficient business processes
– More flexible adaptation to market conditions



SOFT1 CLOUD ERPThe Soft1 Cloud ERP exploits the SaaS software distribution model (Software as a Service) and operates in modern data centers of Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. With simple access through the internet without the need for additional infrastructure, you can now use the Soft1 software when you need it! Easily, reliably and safely for your data! With overall responsibility for operation and additional benefits from SoftOne! The service subscription, except the software and equipment infrastructure, includes also:

– New software versions update
– Service Operation 24/7
– Database Management
– Automated Backups
– SLA Specifications (Service Agreement Level) that guarantee availability levels of 99.5%

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    Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
    Automated inbound and outbound call management services through
    Soft1 for all call centers


    The CCM system (Contact Center Manager) CTI is a powerful software platform that enables automated management of incoming and outgoing telephone calls. It acts as the link between Softone software and call center, available to the company, achieving the interconnection and operation.

    CTI Computer Telephony Integration

    Features and Benefits / Advantages of CCM – SoftOne CTI

    1. Direct interconnection of SoftOne / Soft1 with Asterisk call center technology and may also use the available Asterisk modules to create complex IVRs, calls, call recording, and access to the relevant recordings, call forwarding, etc.
    2. Management and routing of incoming calls, based on business rules, executed through SoftOne environment.
    3. Creates, manages and executes complex campaigns of outgoing calls through SoftOne environment.
    4. Supports multiple dialing modes (Preview, Progressive, Predictive) depending on the needs and nature of the campaign of outgoing calls.
    5. Ability to create automated management / call service mechanisms, without human intervention eg. call me back scenarios, automatic vocalization of customer’s accounting balance, etc.
    6. Connectivity of SoftOne with any PBX that supports SIP protocol eg. AVAYA, PANASONIC etc., using the CCM Gateway.
    7. Expansion of the system at a cost of only purchasing a license for each concurrent user. Using the Asterisk technology to extend the call center for the use of additional telephone lines and devices without any cost for new licenses.
    8. Real-time information on the campaigns of incoming and outgoing calls about the number of calls that have been served, the calls that are on hold, the number of operators that are available in a given queue, etc.
    9. User activity is stored in the CCM database, giving information about all calls and campaigns and creates which is ready for the creation of reports depending on the needs of each organization.
    10. Available APIs for complete control and programming of the CTI Server through the SoftOne environment using javascript expressions.